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Coalescent, emerging rap/grime/hip-hop artists have just released their debut single ‘Blackout Riddim’; and are set to release their (5 song) EP in July 2016. 

Their songs reflect their passion and dedication to creating music from the heart and to their love of British rap. 

‘Dux’ (Niall Sheerin) is a talented writer/vocalist/producer and ‘Aftermind’ (Drew Dutoit) is also a writer/producer. Both are 19 years old from Kent; and have set themselves a mission to showcase their creative musical talent which is definitely true to the urban vibe of British music; and creating music relevant to their peers.

Niall and Drew are approaching their second year at Kingston University studying Creative Music Technology. They write both the music and lyrics, and record and produce everything themselves. In addition to these talents, Niall plays the piano and Drew the guitar.

Coalescent, (meaning bringing together), the name chosen by the lads is significant: not only creating rap, hip-hop and Grime but also the fusion of jazz and classical in some of their music.

Their songs have featured on BBC Radio Kent and Lush Radio in Leicester. The pair have recently travelled to Spain with a film production company to shoot (official) videos for 3 of their songs: ‘Blackout Riddim’ (Grime), ‘Know My Name’ (rap/jazz infused) and ‘Attack the Score’ (rap/classical infused) - all to feature on their summer EP.

They intend to get their music careers in motion while studying, and the goal is to have a sound career platform by the end of their time at University. Their heads are down during term time studying and creating music, and during the breaks they are hungry to take what they’ve created to the stage, and interface with fellow contributors within the industry.

Upcoming events include :
8 July - New Cross Inn - headlining their first London performance 
9  July - Manchester - Mothers Against Violence charity performance
30 July - The Rafters Club, Maidstone - Coalescent EP Launch Party
August - The Rafters Club, Maidstone (date to be confirmed)
10 September - Private Party

Dee Airey, managing Coalescent says: “The boys are dedicated. They have a hunger for making music and imparting their take on life, without necessarily a hunger for the limelight. They’re having a lot of fun doing what they do.” In the words from Blackout Riddim: “…do what I love and I never complain, like work and play, they both feel the same coz music, music keeps me sane…”. 

As fans of the Grime leaders such as JME, Skepta, Wiley and renowned Hip Hop artists such as Kendrick Lamar, J Cole and Eminem, this duo are hoping to be a part of the next generation.

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